Entrepreneurs' Thoughts

logo_5062 Client's testimony

I no longer hesitate to travel through Europe to regularly visit my important clients. They appreciate me doing so and my availability. With VOLDIRECT, diary management has been simplified. 


logo-evier-luisina-cuisine Client's testimony

With VOLDIRECT, we are able to visit all our Italian suppliers in 2 days. Travelling with a regular airline, would take us at least a week.


Logos_et_dC3A9cli-1 Client's testimony

VOLDIRECT enables me to visit my farthest clients on a one day trip, thus , saving me  several working days over the year.

Jean Paul Legendre
Groupe Legendre

Biotrial_Logo_mini_s Client's testimony

Without VOLDIRECT, I would not have been able to be so involved in the management of my English branch, nor visiting my German clients so regularly: a return journey and a full working day on site are now possible.


alsim_263 Client's testimony

Thanks to VOLDIRECT, I was able to make my recent external acquisitions. The return journey in one day: what a relief. My sales personnel have been able to visit 25% more customers during the past year with a direct impact on the result of our turnover.

Jérome BINACHON - Groupe ALSIM

Logo-Groupe-Pigeon-2t Client's testimony

VOLDIRECT pays close attention to service: always on time, the trip is organised from one end to the other, I can completely relax in a comfortable envirronment.

Thierry PIGEON - Groupe PIGEON