Fleet Management

VOLDIRECT, specialist in air fleet management


Because the acquisition of an aircraft remains a complex process, VOLDIRECT offers you to completely manage your plane, from the initial acquisition to the final flight operations, in order for you to just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. With more than six years experience in plane management, working with fifty regional SME's. VOLDIRECT has implemented a complete process to buy, manage and fly a business plane.


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Define the best acquisition strategy

According to your needs (type, flight frequency and destinations, number of passengers, required equipment...) and your means, VOLDIRECT will advise you on the most reliable, safe, economical, comfortable ,new or second-hand available plane. VOLDIRECT is the 1st airline in Europe to operate single-engine turboprops, which are less expensive to run, and more eco-friendly compared to the average jets. 

Thanks to its experience, VOLDIRECT will offer different investment solutions depending on your financial objectives. We will also show you the various tax advantages you may benefit from. 

Make your aircraft profitable

In order to fill and use your plane in the best way, we offer to operate your plane commercially for other clients in your area. This will reduce the managing cost of your aircraft. As a air-charter company, we have a good deal of experience with the clients likely to be interested in this type of service. Of course, you always have priority when you need your airplane.

Managing and Operating : Benefit from our tailor-made services, only for aircraft owners 

VOLDIRECT, through its expertise, can take over all the complicated aspects of your aircraft management. Fly with no hassle !

We take care of :

  • Airworthiness management and track maintenance ;
  • Airplane configuration management and change management (adding equipment, etc.);
  • Trend monitoring;
  • Administrative and financial management of the plane;
  • Crew hiring and training;
  • Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Schedule management;
  • Quality system management;
  • Compliance management ;
  • Security Management ;
  • Communication with aviation authorities and administrative organizations;
  • Flights for your benefit.