avion-taxi-affaires-jet032 TBM 850


The TBM 850 by DAHER SOCATA is a single-turboprop last generation aircraft. It is the fastest single-turboprop aircraft in its category. It flies at 300 Knots and can cover 1100 Nautical Miles without a stop. Its performance is similar to that of light jets with a lower operating cost.

The TBM 850 also has less environmental impact than its competitors. Over an equivalent distance, the TBM 850 uses half as much fuel as twin-turboprops and almost three times less than similar sized twin-jets. 

The TBM 850 is a discreet aircraft, equipped with the latest aviation technology and a glass cockpit. The air-conditioned cabin can accommodate up to 5 passengers in a more comfortable environment than on regular airlines. The TBM 850 gives you the space and comfort necessary to work, speak and relax while allowing privacy. 

Please also note that the TBM is one of the most reliable plane on the market and is used by the French defense authorities for their travel in Europe.