VOLDIRECT, a new technical and regulatory achievement

actus-certification-avion VOLDIRECT, a new technical and regulatory achievement

Press release, February 2, 2016

VOLDIRECT, a new technical and regulatory achievement : the first French Company getting an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) for the PC-12 NG airplane.

VOLDIRECT goes on with its succession of innovations and « premières » in France. In March 2013, VOLDIRECT was announcing the commercial launch of a TBM 850 from DAHER- SOCATA ,in order to carry passengers from the West of France.

Since January 2016, the small « flight on demand » company, based in Rennes, sells flights on its new aircraft: the PC-12 NG from Pilatus. One full year of development and regulatory work with the DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile) was needed to get the Air Operator Certificate for the PC-12.


VOLDIRECT is the first French airline company allowed to operate commercially a PC-12, in accordance with the French SE-IMC directive of January 2013. At the same time, the European SE-IMC directive should be approved in 2016, replacing the French regulation.

This success proves the relevance of VOLDIRECT ‘s choices regarding its air fleet: operating last generation single-engine aircrafts whose reliability and security have now been demonstrated. These single–turboprop aircrafts have similar performances (270-300 Knots speed at 26 000 ft) to small & medium jets, using much less fuel and with a lower operating cost.

If the TBM 850 is the fastest single-engine airplane in the world, the PC-12 is the most comfortable airplane of its category and the most flexible for small airports accessibility. The Pilatus PC-12’s cabin is pressurized and spacious enough to accommodate up to 8 passengers and to offer them an ideal space to relax or work during the flight. It can fly up to a leg of 1500 NM.

The PC-12 can land on short runways and even grass runways, giving VOLDIRECT a significant commercial benefit compared to jets or regular airlines aircrafts. From now on, VOLDIRECT is able to fly its passengers towards more than 2000 airports, two times more than jets and 10 times more than regular airlines.

This PC-12 should enable VOLDIRECT to diversify its commercial offer and to be more efficient on business travel market or on travels mixing business and leisure.

The TBM 850 and the PC-12 are complementary airplanes, enabling VOLDIRECT to offer a range of travel solutions according the number of passengers and the type of the mission.

With this new aircraft, VOLDIRECT brings a real innovation on the « flight on request » French market : spacious cabin, small airfield accessibility and attractive prices. VOLDIRECT will leverage on the PC-12 for further growth in 2016.


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